Environmental Policy

Heartwood Tree Management understands the importance of protecting the environment and is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities. It is our policy to be responsible for the environment and to comply with all relevant legal requirements. Our aim is to take all reasonable precautions to prevent pollution and to avoid habitat damage and also to use the latest equipment to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Habitat Protection:
Many species which we encounter are protected by law, including:

  • Nesting birds, their nests and eggs
  • Bats
  • Badgers

Heartwood Tree Management work within the guidelines set out in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW).

Nesting Birds:
We will undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before the commencement of any tree or hedge work. During the nesting season between early March and late August, we will thoroughly check for signs of nesting birds before work commences. If nesting birds are discovered during the EIA, work is rescheduled to after the nesting season. If we find nesting birds when work has commenced we will immediately stop and reschedule to later in the year.

Before work commences we check for bat roost sites and an EIA is undertaken prior to the felling or disturbance of any potential sites. We will inform all customers of the possibility of any suspected bat roost sites as early as possible and if we find a roost site this may prevent work from being undertaken.

Environmental Impact:
The following measures are put in place to help reduce our environmental impact.

  • To use bio-degradable chainsaw oil
  • To use traditional methods i.e. Hand saws wherever possible
  • To plan appointments and arrange visits to reduce journey times
  • Purchasing equipment designed to be fuel efficient and to comply with noise pollution regulations
  • Working within guidelines set out in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000.

Noise Pollution:
The Company advocates the use of ‘traditional’ methods where possible and it is company policy to use hand saws where practicable to minimise environmental impact and noise pollution.

We promote the re-use of waste materials by selling or donating waste wood as firewood and woodchip as garden mulch. We also provide our customers on request with stacked logs for firewood and/or process waste as woodchip which can be distributed on their grounds.